Written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, #TasteTheRainbow Challenge.

the rain-drenched landscapes
dust settled down, washed away
their colours appear
vivid and layered with nature
and some rainbow promises

someday when shadows
of the past washes away
all that remains are
beautiful tinges of hope
shoots of life in strengths of jade

Fata Morgana

Written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge, Abhanga form.

Image Credit: Pexels

perceptions may differ
morgan le fay used love
to lure men to her cove
an illusion

men saw what they wanted
big castles and vessel
why’s she the sea devil
greed begets greed

The Doll

Written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #TasteTheRainbow Challenge.

her eyes slanted down
stuffed with tiny cotton balls
she was being judged
for the cloth she was built with
the plush doll that never sells

porcelain sisters
had takers from everywhere
tried hard as she could
to be more like them and failed
she could never fake enough

hidden in plain sight
behind stuff that have no use
so she stays concealed
away from children’s eyesight
doll that dreams of being held

it was not her fault
her makers made her this way
sadly she crumbles
black and white pieces of her
disintegrate and turn gray

she was never missed
alive or dead makes no change
no one understands
the leftover gray pieces
people cannot see in shades

Tanka Tuesday-Haiku Challenge

Written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Haiku Challenge.

water trickling through
porous granules brings fragrance
brew of petrichor

Happy Holidays

This is my attempt at writing Cinquain form of poetry. It follows the 2/4/6/8/2 syllabic structure. I am writing this in response to Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday prompt.

I have penned down two poems, one describing the view outside the window (the streets) and the other the view inside the window (the house). Do let me know what you think of my attempt in the comments. Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂

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Outside the window

bustling past to
do last minute shopping
streets dazzle and chatter galore

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Inside the window

around fireplace
kids hanging their stockings
next to tree adorned in glitz

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