Trees and Stars

Written in response to Sadje’s what do you see challenge.

bright streaks of stars
perambulate through the vast
expanse of the universe
carrying wishes
for love, health, and happiness
turns to dust, now spent
tree at edge of woods
offers everything it has
shooting stars noone knew about

Beautiful Journey

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “Faraway”.

beautiful journey
to faraway dreams and goals
shimmering freight lights
provide intermittent hope
all alone in solitude

unknown lands await
new sunsets and sunrises
magical feeling
breaking through uncertain fog
moon tugging the strings at heart

Big-sized dreams

Written in response to Sadje’s What do you see challenge.

holding big-sized dreams
of making it on her own
because she’s a girl
she’s given hurdles to cross
there’s no one-size-fits-all dream

slugs and girls alike
enduring pain quietly
the salt from her tears
killing her dreams while people
wonder if it hurts when slug dies


Written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, #TasteTheRainbow Challenge.

the rain-drenched landscapes
dust settled down, washed away
their colours appear
vivid and layered with nature
and some rainbow promises

someday when shadows
of the past washes away
all that remains are
beautiful tinges of hope
shoots of life in strengths of jade

Green compassion

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt.

Syaibatul Hamdi at Pixabay

trees bereft of leaves
surviving pitiful eyes
standing proud and tall
unwilling to call it quits
tinted lens to compensate