Trees and Stars

Written in response to Sadje’s what do you see challenge.

bright streaks of stars
perambulate through the vast
expanse of the universe
carrying wishes
for love, health, and happiness
turns to dust, now spent
tree at edge of woods
offers everything it has
shooting stars noone knew about

Starry nights

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “starry nights”.

the inky night sky
sprinkled with bright, twinkling stars
poets flirt with the moon
that shines in borrowed sun light
while the stars shine from within

beauty has no size
stars shimmering on dark nights
small yet impactful
moon changing different shapes
proves beauty has no shape too!


Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “sublime”.

the spongy, white clouds
act as a sieve to filter
dirt and pollutants

and merge pretty hues
that cast ethereal glow
at sublime sunset

nature’s own detox
when white clouds turn dark with dirt
rains to rinse itself

Lavender Fields

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, ‘dusk’.

the lavender scented winds stirring up our fragile emotions
sky adorned with diminutive pale stars
throbbing to the sweet memories from its many lifetimes
besieged by wanderlust scheming here and there
as the tiara of dusk luminates the sky

Beautiful Journey

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “Faraway”.

beautiful journey
to faraway dreams and goals
shimmering freight lights
provide intermittent hope
all alone in solitude

unknown lands await
new sunsets and sunrises
magical feeling
breaking through uncertain fog
moon tugging the strings at heart