The Solitary Reaper

Written in response to Sadje’s #WDYS 116 Challenge.

I love the poem titled “The Solitary Reaper” penned by William Wordsworth and the image prompt for this week reminded me of that poem. 😊 I wanted to share with you my take on the poem. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

dusk in shades of pink
birds whirling in unison
waiting for her love
the solitary reaper
sang her “melancholy strain”


  1. Sadje says:

    Beautiful take Sri. Thanks for joining in

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    1. Sri says:


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  2. I too love “The solitary reaper” and your verse is beautiful!

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    1. Sri says:

      Thank you, Poonam! 😊

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      1. You are welcome, Sri. 😊

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