I am writing this for #Ronovan Writes Weekly Challenge 442 Prompt #Tire and #Done https://willowdot21.wordpress.com/2022/12/28/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-442-done-and-tire/ Lately, I find that we have all been too busy with work consuming us inside out that we have forgotten to live and we simply operate. Have we learnt anything at all about what’s important from those horrible Covid times?Continue reading “Burnout”


Among a multitude of facesMasked to not show any emotionsBut a plastic smile, on demandto convey everything’s fine, when its notA clichèRunning a race every dayFighting for another dreamAnother startJust a lost soulTrying to belong somewhere,Awaiting the turn to reach the topIn the circle of lifeTravelling the roadBetween expectations and realitySwallowing regrets and shameMaking doContinue reading “Clichè”


Written in response to The Composters Apocalypse’s Weekend prompt https://earthlycomforts.uk/2022/09/24/the-composters-apocalypse/ Roses are redwith prickly thorns on the stem of its soulYet paints a pretty picture just like fairy tales doWhile feeding the innocent with a twisted sense of reality What do you find odd about people?That people change and may turn into someone you neverContinue reading “Roses”


A chain of tanka poems. those were simpler timeswe had nothing besides dreamsbut constellationswere our gifts to each otherwhen star gazing at the beach we laughed togetherand made plans to outer spacea date to the moonyou were my own shooting starmaking my wishes come true reminiscing pastmemories, that make me smileeach time I look upatContinue reading “Nostalgia”